On September 7th 2021, REINITIALISE had their second booster session in a hybrid form during the project week in Lublin.

Trainer: Dr. Bianca Vienni Baptista, with a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Granada (Spain), is a senior researcher and lecturer of the Transdisciplinarity Lab (ETH Zürich).

As a researcher and lecturer, she works in the field of Science, Technology and Society Studies, focusing in particular on the study of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge production processes. As a result, she is interested in methods and tools as well as concepts and theories as means of achieving transformative and developmental change to solve multidimensional social problems. She has focused her research on the specific conditions for inter-​ and transdisciplinary research and on the production and social use of knowledge in different countries, including the role of universities and other institutions.

Between 2019 and 2021, Bianca worked at the project entitled “SHAPE-​ID: Shaping interdisciplinary practices in Europe“, financed by H2020.