Digital technology and Information and Communication Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence have a cross-cutting impact in many areas of our life, and especially in the domain of health. They also represent a key driver of innovation and socio-economic growth.

These technologies open up new possibilities but also risks and challenges, such as risk of violating ethical principles and human rights (such as privacy rights, data ownership, etc.). These challenges can only be adequately faced by developing an interdisciplinary approach, where technology is designed in compliance with the preservation of fundamental rights.

REINITIALISE “preserving fundamental rights in the use of digital technologies for e-health services”, is a European project funded by the Horizon 2020 – Twinning Programme. It aims to step up and stimulate scientific excellence and increase capacity for the design and use of digital technologies in the sector of health, in order to integrate the potential of technology with the awareness of its ethical, legal and socio-economic dimension.

The Maria Curie-Skłodowska University will engage in an interdisciplinary transfer knowledge process with three European leading institutions (KU Leuven in Belgium, University of Macerata and Eurocentro Srl in Italy) and the continuous involvement of local stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of creating synergies between research excellence and business and public sectors, that can lead to innovation and socio-economic territorial development in the health sector.