Young researchers!
We encourage you to apply in the open call for proposals in the mobility program implemented within the framework of the REINITIALISE project.

If you are:

A Young Researcher*.
Your research interests include one or more of the following in the area of ehealth:
– ethical and legal principles that might steer the design of ehealth applications;
– how the communication on health on the digital media impacts on individuals’ freedom of choice and can generate self-deception mechanisms;
– economic and social impact and consequences of the technological innovation in e-health that should orient AI and machine learning
apply in the REINITIALISE project fellowship program, where you can conduct research under the guidance of experienced researchers from partner institutions:

Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium and University of Macerata
The planned duration of the mobility is 60 days.

Interested Researchers must submit the following documents:

(a) Application Form;
(b) Scientific CV;
(c) One-page proposal: a description of the research to be conducted jointly with researchers from the host institution, including objectives, expected scientific results, inter/multi-disciplinary aspects of the activities, genede balance issues, and an explanation of how the project idea relates to the project topic;
(d) Letter of acceptance signed by the research supervisor/promoter/dean.

Information on the call for proposals and guidelines can be found in the appendix below.
Mobilities must end no later than November 15, 2022.
The application deadline is March 3, 2022.

For additional information about the program, please contact the REINITIALISE Project Team:
Kamil Fil:
Diana Szczepanska:

You are cordially invited!

  • Young Researcher/Early Stage Researcher – an early stage researcher who at the time of recruitment by the host organization is within the first four years (full-time equivalent) of their research career and has not obtained a doctoral degree yet. Full-time research experience is measured from the date on which the researcher obtained the degree entitling him/her to undertake doctoral studies (in the country where the degree was obtained or in the country where the researcher was recruited), even if the doctoral studies were never started or planned. Part-time research experience is counted proportionally.