Our 2nd short term visit under Reinitialise has just been finalized. Diana Szczepańska from International Cooperation Center at UMCS took part in 5-days visit at the University of Macerata. During these days she had a chance to visit different facilities at the University supporting researchers in project’s implementation. She also took part in job shadowing at the Grant Office.

On the first day she participated to Accent workshop. Accent “Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence in Higher Education Institutes” is a project that has received funding from the European Union’s EIT HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education under Grant Agreement No 10047.  UNIMC and UMCS are both partners of Accent project.

The next day she visited the Internationalization Area in order to learn about the UNIMC processes and strategies of internationalization, the services and organization of the Area. She also had a chance to visit Research and Internationalization Office of the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism in order to have an overview of the office’ main activities and to learn about how the management of research projects is organized at the departmental level. The bext visit was organized in the University Library Services Centre (CASB), in order to have a general overview of services offered to researchers and a specific focus on how the issues of Open Science and Data Management Plan are managed. It will follow a tour of the library infrastructures. On the last day the team and guest focused on how Grant Office is organized, its main activities in managing EU projects in pre-awards and post-award phases and howGrant Office’s activities interrelate with the activities of the offices visited on the previous days.