September is the time to summarize of the just-ended Venture Labs Phase 2 meetings. After months of meetings within Lunch and Learn events and the Winter School, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University researchers have established collaborations with the external environment within the following ‘research lines’:

Research lineSept 2023Long term
Training on eHealth tools for the older adultsproject website reporttraining course workshop syllabus cooperative platform
Health-related communication (to people that are normally difficult to reach)publication new project proposal(s)guidelines (for stakeholders)
(Patient centered) support for people with autismplan for open forumopen forum
EEG for assessing the effects in revalidation, diagnose statement and speech therapyreport blueprint for new collaboration(s)new collaboration(s)
First Aid in Digital Era – Implications to the Health Securityconference workshoptraining course

So far, meetings have been held as part of Phase 2 of Venture Labs, both online and onsite in Lublin:

SessionDateOnline/in person
1March 17 2023Online
2April 26-27 2023In person (Lublin)
3June 1 (2), 6, 9, 12 2023Online
4June 19 2023In person (Leuven)
5July 2023Online
6August 2023Online
7August 30 – September 1 2023In person (Lublin)
8September 2023Online

Researchers from the UMCS are supported by coaches representing the KULeuven and the University of Macerata, and are supported by members of the Innovation Board. The meetings were aimed at discussing cooperation, collecting ideas on the development of joint ventures with business and NGOs. Start-up proposals presented by the scientific teams of the UMCS were also discussed during the meetings.

The effects of the scientific-innovative and educational cooperation will be presented at a conference connected with a brokerage meeting, summarising the project, which is planned for November this year.

We invite you to observe the effects of activities carried out as part of the project.