We have just completed the first phase of Venture Lab meetings, during which UMCS scientists presented their research ideas that will be implemented with partners from the third-parties sector!

Thanks to the involvement of international team of experts (KUL and UNIMC), scientists and other participants ( members of Innovation Board), we were able to develop interesting solutions that we will use in further work.

Venture Labs meetings aim to develop a range of innovative business ideas and start-up proposals developed jointly by scientists and local stakeholders using their entrepreneurial potential and ability to integrate digital technologies with ethical and social aspects.

Below you will find information about the meetings within this activity in our project:

Meeting no#DayParticipantsOutputsRemarks
101.02.2023– BioMinds -The company has created a therapeutic and telemedical system BioMinds XR, – Girache – technology to back support – Pentacomp – software – Lublin Medicine Cluster – Lublin University of Technology – Technology Transfer Centre Medical University in LublinBioMinds – create new features with usage of EEG during training with VR Girache – analysis of signal from their sensor Pentacomp – create new feature with AI usage to help medicine doctors to catch proper images during ultrasonographyVenture Lab organized by Institute of Computer Sciences at Uni-Lublin
203.02.2023– Lublin City Hall – Department of Health and Prevention – Clinical Hospital No. 4 in Lublin – Representatives of the University of the Third Age and NGO’s – Lublin Disability Organisations Forum – Lublin Medicine Cluster– research on social groups in terms of the use of e-health services, and health-promoting services in general – research on the impact of prevention campaigns – research into the needs of 60+ people and people with special needs – provision of data for the development of communication tools – development of motivational programmes for doctors – geriatricians – cooperation with the Health Department of the City Hall in sociological research on different types of health needs – cooperation in the development of prevention programmes possible cooperation with hospitals in the field of research – the usage of participatory methods based on anthropological approach. In medical settings it could imply: –  “following the patient” type of research – ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the medical setting – diagnosing the usage of the facility and the existing barriers and issues in practices of care – ethnographic interviews with staff and other interested parties.Venture Lab organized by Sociology at Uni-Lublin
306.02.2023Primum Auxilium Fundation Lublin Medicine Cluster  – research into community groups for first aid campaigns – research into motivation – why we don’t give, what makes us decide or what would make us decide, what to do to get people involved – social companies supporting and motivating people to give aid – safety aspects including data security – legal, social aspects of using the app, transferring data to the producer, security, reading information and regulations before clicking, risks – training – creating a media message to different audiences – pilot studies of first aid applications – first aid training in universities – pilot programmeVenture Lab organized by Institute of Political Sciences at Uni-Lublin
407.02.2023Lublin City Hall – Department of Health and Prevention Representatives of the University of the Third Age and NGO’s  – research with seniors on their needs, expectations and problems in using e-health tools – seeking and applying for external funding (in cooperation with local institutions) to provide training/courses/workshops on improving media and e-health competences – organising meetings (training courses) on how to recognise and deal with fake news and misinformation in the field of health and e-health – cooperation with local institutions to produce media content on health and e-health – courses on crisis communication in the face of a pandemic  Venture Lab organized by Institute of Social Communication and Media Sciences at Uni-Lublin

We are keeping fingers crossed for the next phase of cooperation within the Venture Lab!